Children in Leicester will be able to explore nature in a unique way this summer through a new arts project, Exploring Bees.

Exploring Bees will offer children the opportunity to work with artists, musicians and printmakers in a series of free workshops, all themed around bees and how nature connects in an urban environment. Funded by Arts Council England and curated by Leicester based Beekeeper and Cultural Producer, Liga Orlovska, in each workshop participants will be able to explore bees differently. In music workshops a Bee Wing Orchestra will be formed, in dance workshops, the code behind the waggle dance will be revealed, and in print workshops the colours of the colony will be explored. Children will not only be able to learn through creative workshops, but they will explore new artistic methods and have fun time with their families.

Liga grew up with bees and has followed in her mother’s footsteps as she began her own journey as a Beekeeper during the pandemic. “Bees are such an interesting insect. As children most of us like black and yellow bees in picture books, but how much actually do we know about them? Are they even yellow? What do they do in the hive? I couldn’t think of a better way to tell the story of bees than through different art forms.”

Liga is working with the artists who will be leading the workshops to teach them about bees, the hives and their activities. “It’s been so exciting to open the hives to artists and give them a chance to look into this secret world of bees. They have learnt so much and created exciting workshops for children based on hive inspections.”

Louise, who will be leading the dance workshops added, “Visiting the hives has been invaluable – I have learnt so much, including how bees communicate and which flowers they prefer.  I’m really excited to be part of the Exploring Bees project as I’m an avid nature lover and I believe the more that children notice the nature around them, the more likely they are to make positive and sustainable changes to it.  As Dr Seuss says “unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It’s not””

The workshops will take place in Leicester city centre during the summer, with all workshops located at either Leicester Gallery at De Montfort University, LCB Depot, Museum Square (outside Leicester Museum and Art Gallery) and Orton Square (outside Curve). All workshops are free of charge but dance workshops require families to pre-book their spaces online. For printmaking and music workshops families will be able to drop in and out during the sessions.

Workshop information:

Dance workshops
In these lively and interactive workshops, head gardener Louise will lead children into the secret world of bees and their many special talents. Come and bee part of our movement adventure, exploring creativity and imagination along the way.  Family fun for children aged 5-10 and their grown ups.

Music workshops
Join the Bee Orchestra and hear the buzz of wings, hum of a beehive and the Queen bee solos. Create your own Wing instrument small or big and make your buzz in the workshop with Iryna. Find out where you belong in the hive, are you a worker bee, scout bee, gourd bee or the Queen? What part will you play in the Bee Orchestra?

Print workshops
Explore Bees in a print workshop with Sally. Did you know that each bee is different in the hive, and they don’t have yellow stripes? Learn about bees and pollinator plants they like. Children will then be able to design their own card to take home.

Dates & times

Dance workshops (booking required):
Wednesday 10 August – Orton Square (1pm, 2pm)
Sunday 14 August – Leicester Gallery at De Montfort University (1pm, 2pm, 3pm)
Tuesday 16 August – Museum Square (1pm, 2pm)
Saturday 17 September – St Martin’s Square

Music workshops:
Tuesday 9 August – Museum Square (11am – 2pm)
Wednesday 17 August – Orton Square (11am – 2pm)
Saturday 10 September – St Martin’s Square (11am – 3pm)
Sunday 11 September – Leicester Gallery at De Montfort University (1pm – 3pm)

Print workshops:
Saturday 13 August – LCB Depot (11am – 4pm)
Tuesday 23 August – Museum Square (11am – 2pm)
Wednesday 24 August – Orton Square (11am – 2pm)
Saturday 3 September – St Martin’s Square (11am – 3pm)

Dance workshop places can be booked via Eventbrite. For full information on Exploring Bees and further events and activities from Honey Craft please visit or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.