Looking for things to do with the kids over half term? Phoenix is giving families the chance to put on virtual reality headsets, jump on a playground swing, and be transported into a thrilling virtual adventure.

Powered by the motion of the swing, VR Playground propels the rider through a series of colourful abstract virtual worlds – scooting through a metropolis, leaping tall structures in a single bound, or surging upwards to escape the deep abyss.

VR Playground is free of charge and at Phoenix until Thursday 21 Feb, running from 11am – 4.30pm.

There are four individual swings, and the ride is open to all but recommended for children over 11 (or whose feet can touch the ground whilst on the swing).

Phoenix will also have a drop-in virtual reality cinema where adults and children alike can experience a breathtaking selection of VR films and animations. Be sure to check the Phoenix website for full listings.