Enjoy a special taste of Italy at Poachers Brasserie in Thurlaston, as they create a dream foodie menu inspired by the Piedmont region of Northern Italy. The menu will only be available from 28 October – 1 November

During this summer, Menabrea Birra hosted Italian chefs from around the UK in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy, offering them the opportunity to collaborate on classic Italian dishes with local chefs, and tasting the finest local produce from around the region.

Vincenzo Pietra, Head Chef at Poachers Brasserie is now be bringing the resulting foodie heaven to Leicester with flavours imported straight from the Piedmont region, using the finest Italian ingredients, all impeccably paired with Menabrea, the original premium Italian Birra.

Angus Lawrie of Menabrea, said: “We travelled with Italian chefs from all over the UK, collecting insights, ingredients and inspiration from the Piedmont region’s most celebrated chefs and producers and we’re bringing them here to be perfectly paired with Menabrea.” 

“We invite people to book a table and dine the Menabrea way – if you’re a lover of Italian cuisine, this is a dining experience you simply can’t miss.”

Menabrea is brewed in Italy’s oldest brewery in the foothills of the Italian Alps in a small town called Biella, and is Italy’s premium choice to complement classic Italian dishes. 

If you want to check out the Italian foodie dream menu at Poachers Brasserie, perfect for beer lovers and Italian foodies, you can make a reservation online.

Poachers Brasserie is located in Thurlaston, Leicestershire, LE9 7TA.