Leicester’s newest gym, East Street Fitness, opened earlier this summer. Offering something different on the local fitness scene, you can expect high energy classes in an independent boutique studio.

East Street Fitness specialises in small class sizes, meaning participants get the personal approach without the costs of a personal trainer. If you’re keen to find out more you can head down to their open day on Saturday 4 September, when you’ll be able to enjoy a taster for free.

We caught up with Head Trainer, Allix, to find out more about the gym, the classes and the upcoming open day.

east street fitness

What sets East Street Fitness apart from other gyms?

We keep our class numbers small meaning each customer will enjoy 1 on 1 attention with a focus on their technique as well as all the fun that comes along with attending a fitness class. We are independent meaning we can cater all class content, class times and equipment to the needs of each customer. This ensures everyone is working within a range comfortable to them with the emphasis on their personal fitness journey. Each class experience is built around our customers rather than forcing them to fit into an algorithm.

What will people gain from coming to the open day?

You will get a taster for all the sessions we have to offer before committing to a sign up or parting with any money. You can try before you buy for all that ESF has to offer. We have a juice bar coming soon, so open day visitors will get a taste for a delicious juice after both classes. There will also be various competitions to get people working together in teams with new people for prizes. This will in-still the sense of community our existing customers already have with each other. Creating a community and getting people to work together is something extremely important to us at ESF, especially after such a drawn out lockdown experience. We aim to bring people together for a fun and healthy experience that keeps them wanting to attend not just for them but also for any accountability partners they may have found along the way.

east street fitness

Tell us about the different classes you run

We currently run 5 different classes with the plans to develop 2 more in the next few weeks.

On our timetable now we have the original Full Body Burn HIIT class. This is perfectly planned and organised to ensure muscle is built evenly and both the aerobic and anaerobic systems are worked too!

We then offer Lower Body Blitz which is a legs class based around supersets for the ultimate burn. Backs, Bi’s & Tri’s is an upper body circuit class used to target every muscle in the arms and back with HIIT elements used for active rest to keep the heart rate high and the calories burning. Core Cruncher is a quick 30 minute blast with 3 circuits and a competition finisher to push the most out of what you’re capable of. And finally ClubFit, an aerobic dance based class with conditioning elements to help improve cardiovascular fitness and burn calories like you wouldn’t believe.

We are pleased to announce we have a new trainer joining the team soon who is bringing two revolutionary classes to our studio, one being a fabulous step aerobics class with the hottest moves and guaranteed fantastic tunes. You won’t want to miss out!

You’ve got a special 2 week booster offer coming up, who is that suitable for?

Yes, our 2 Week Booster offers unlimited classes for two weeks from the date of purchase. It is perfect for any new customers who want to try all the classes out before they commit to anything bigger.

It is also perfect for anyone with a particular event coming up that they might want to prepare for. A short sharp burst of unlimited classes at a low price to easily prepare for that wedding, anniversary, reunion, or whatever it may be!

Can beginners come along to classes too?

Of course!!! We have many beginners on our 6 week programmes who enjoy the benefits of guided support throughout the weeks. Alternatively any beginners who want a more casual class experience can arrive confident in the knowledge that each exercise can be adapted to their needs. I also make it my mission to equip everyone with the knowledge they need to move forwards in their progress easily and quickly, so you won’t be a beginner for long! If you are a beginner and you are nervous about attending, you have nothing to worry about. I am incredibly supportive and patient, you are guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face.

east street fitness

What’s your favourite thing about working at East Street Fitness?

The people! I get to work closely with so many people and really improve their lives. Each week our regulars come in stronger and happier than the previous week, displaying incredible progress from their hard work within class. Even though I have put them through their paces, each person leaves with an enthusiastic ‘thank you’ which means more than you can imagine. It truly is the most fulfilling work.

What are some of your favourite songs to work out to?

A firm favourite is the Spotify playlist ‘You Can Do It’ full of high energy beats to keep the motivation going! My favourites from the playlist being Dancing in the Moonlight – Jubël and Everybody Dance – Cedric Gervais. Anything with a strong beat and a bit of groove and you cant go wrong!

What’s planned over the coming weeks at ESF?

We have our open day Saturday 4th September with a few tickets left which I am incredibly excited about so be sure to jump on it! (Booking link in our Instagram  bio)

A new trainer Ataysha starting at the beginning of September with us, and a NEW 6-Week Programme starting 13th September which we will be announcing on the 1st (shhh!).

There is always something new and exciting happening so be sure to follow @eaststreetfit on Instagram to keep up with all announcements and events.

East Street Fitness is located on East Street, LE1 (right next to East Street Lanes). You can book your free spot at the open day via Eventbrite and get all class information via the East Street Fitness website. For the latest news follow them on Instagram