I’m not sure if you’ve heard but there is a certain Royal Wedding happening this Friday! Whether you’re a fan of the royals or not it has given us all a day off work so we shouldn’t be too harsh.

If you DO want to watch the wedding then you’ll already be perfectly aware that the ceremony kicks off at 11am. It might be quite early but that doesn’t mean you have to watch it at home, there are always other options, and here are our top 3 picks!

1. Phoenix Square – They’ll be showing all of the wedding action live on screens in the Cafe Bar from 10am. It’s totally free entry and they’ll even have some Royally great food and drinks available.

2. Natterjacks – Down on Braunstone Gate you all need to be heading towards Natterjacks. They’ll be open from 10.30am with the wedding on the big screen and breakfast served with champagne and cocktails!

3. The Big Screen – Do you fancy a more traditional party? Head on down to Humberstone Gate towards the city’s Big Screen. Bring a picnic basket and grab yourself a spot to watch the events unfold. After the wedding there will be a range of Royal themed activities to get involved in, from craft stalls to jesters and cupcakes. Join in with the action from 10.30am to 3pm.

Whatever you do, be it celebratory or anarchic, have a great time!