Sometimes you pop into a shop and love it so much that you just want to share it with everyone. That’s what happened when we nipped into Betty Brown on Francis Street in Stoneygate. If you’re looking for an outfit for a special occasion we can’t recommend this place highly enough. With bespoke designs, you won’t have to worry about matching anybody else at the wedding or works party.

At the tail end of a long search for a new dress to wear to a wedding we spotted a beautiful dress in the window and lucked out with it being in our size. As a one off design we were expecting a hefty price tag, but at £75 for the dress, which was beautifully put together with such attention to detail, it seemed a bargain!

The lady behind the designs, Sukhina Garcia, is as unique as her designs and her warm and welcoming nature leaves a lasting impression after visiting the store. “I’m always honest with customers about what suits them. I don’t want someone to buy an outfit and not feel fantastic in it.

We can’t imagine many people leaving her not loving their purchases though! Whether you have an outfit in mind, or you’re looking for brand new inspiration, you’ll be in safe hands

Keen to find out more, we grabbed Sukhina for 5 minutes to find out more about the boutique, her designs and plans for the future.
Betty brown leicester
When did you first start designing clothes?

When I was 9 years old. But for a living 2013. My biggest regret ever is not following my heart and studying fashion at uni.

When did you first open your own boutique?
Feb 7th 2015

What do you use for your inspiration for designs?
Women, I speak to so many women, watch women and listen to women. Nature inspires my mind for colour combinations…. and travel… it gives my mind time to think and create without being bogged down with the everyday. 

As a business on Francis Street, what do you think of the independent scene in Stoneygate?
It’s an absolute treasure and if you know of it you’re lucky – it’s a well kept secret with cute places to mooch and shop, be pampered, eat and drink. It’s not what people believe it to be any more, it used to be a ‘ladies at lunch’ type of place, but now we have so many cool shops.

What’s your favourite piece that you’ve ever made?
I don’t think I can answer that one…

What’s most important to you when customers see your designs?
That it’s different and stands out. Being glam, cool and flattering.Betty brown Leicester
Do you have any next big steps for Betty Brown?
We sure do! From mid-August our store will only stock our own label. We have started to manufacture a small quantity of our designs so whilst this will mean there will be more than one of each item it will still be limited to small numbers. It’s a very exciting time. We are also hoping to launch our website soon too.

What music do you listen to when designing?
Always depends on my mood. Mainly Old school RnB/Hip hop but I also listen to a lot of opera. 

Who are your other favourite designers?
Ooooh I have far to many, all for different reasons. I was a huge fan of Alexander McQueen since a very young girl, but after his death I’ve lost a little love for the brand. Karl Largerfled (I’ve met him too) at Chanel as a forever classic, Ellie Saab for glam evening wear, Rick Owens for my dark side, Dolce & Gabbana for causal especially their prints. Oh and I quite like Stella McCartney for summer. I feel designers all have seasons at when their best.  

Photo by Scott Choucino

What’s your favourite outfit for a night out?
Leather pants, suede stilettos and silk cami.

Where else do you love to shop in Leicester?
I don’t shop elsewhere often at all. Abiti on Francis Street for my investment pieces like cashmere and Zara for my fast fashion.

Where can customers find you online?
Website coming soon:
Social media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Betty Brown is located at 14 Francis Street in Stoneygate.