There’s a fun new activity heading to Leicester as CITYRAID launch their first event in the city this month.

CITYRAID™ is an interactive team-based orienteering game in a car, where you have to perform virtual tasks in real life, using your smartphone and driving a car in your chosen city. Together with your team, you must use your ability to rush, get to know the city, think logically, and make quick decisions. CITYRAID gives you the chance to compete with other teams from your city in real time.

Teams need to consist of 3 people or more and obviously, given the aim of the game, you must have a vehicle available to use. 

So how does it work? When a game starts, you’ll see the tasks of the game show up in the CITYRAID system on your smart phone. You will then have just 2 hours to complete them. The game consists of various tasks around the city, which may be physical, logical, puzzles or encryptions. Once you’ve received the list of tasks, it’s up to you to independently create an optimal route through Leicester, in order to perform as many missions as possible. Every CITYRAID game is different – with dozens, or maybe hundreds of different types of tasks awaiting you not only for driving, but also for thinking smart.

This isn’t about being a race, but completing as many tasks as you can. The tasks all have a different number of points assigned and that’s how the winning team will be chosen. 

And who’s it for? Anyone! If you think you know Leicester, fancy a challenge and want something different to do with your mates, then this is the thing for you!

The Leicester event takes place on Friday 15 March at 8pm and costs just £39 for the whole team to enter. You can register for the game and obtain your ticket on Find out more on the CITYRAID Facebook page