The street art around Leicester has transformed the city and now you can find out all about it in a brand new official guide.

Graffwerk, with support from Arts Council England and Leicester City Council, has put together the guide, which gives you a tour of the city’s graffiti sites with information about each individual piece and the artists behind them.

With Graff HQ providing the city with a dedicated street art centre, and the huge success of Bring The Paint, the city has received international attention for their street art culture. Artists such as ARTISM, CAPER, MAIHEM and RACEE set a regional style for future generations whilst visiting international artists have both supported an existing legacy and inspired new generations of artists and fans alike

street art guide

The guide covers not only the key sites that are worth visiting throughout the city but also serves as a documentation of the city as it currently stands within a visual landscape that is constantly being redefined. The guide is broken into city zones, making it easy to navigate to take yourself on your own little tour.

The Street Art can be found online at