We’re very excited about this one here at Cool As Leicester, as Motion in Motion is bringing the drive-in cinema experience back to Prestwold (near Loughborough) for Christmas.

Just look at their line-up of movies! Elf, Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street, Gremlins, The Muppet Christmas Carol and Die Hard.

Whilst getting warm and settled in your car, the drive-in movie experience will offer you the chance to stock up on refreshments such as hotdogs, pizza and American snacks. Or, why not be served at your car with popcorn and sweets treats all at affordable prices, promised by the Motion in Motion team.

Once you’ve stocked up on your drinks and snacks, get comfy (bring your blankets and pillows) and tune in your radio ready to hear the sound for the film. Relax in your own space with nothing to worry about; it’s almost like attending a private screening!

Tickets will be on sale very soon and are priced at £28 per car with 1-5 people permitted per vehicle. Keep your eye on the Cool As Leicester Facebook and Twitter for on sale announcements.

The full line-up of screenings is:
ELF: 21 December (4pm), 22 December (7.15pm), 23 December (7pm)
HOME ALONE: 21 December (7.30pm)
MIRACLE ON 34th STREET: 22 December (4pm)
GREMLINS: 22 December (10pm)
DIE HARD: 23 December (10pm)

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