It’s almost time for the next installment of CANTEEN, Leicester’s own monthly street food party taking place at LCB Depot on Friday 31 March. As you’d expect we’ve got some delicious traders coming along and you can read the menus in full right here as well as go in the draw to WIN 2 DISHES AND 2 DRINKS at the event.

As always the event incorporates great food from a variety of top traders, DJ Fitz playing funk/disco music, a fully stocked bar, a separate Sailor Jerry cocktail bar and plenty of seating throughout the venue.

You can enter to win 2 dishes and 2 drinks by entering the competition over on Facebook and Twitter. Just look for the pinned posts!

The event runs from 5pm to 10pm and is the perfect way to kick off your weekend! Right, onto the menus… first up Big Daddies Diner!

big daddies diner
Big Daddies Diner

Big Daddies Diner

Turbo Pete
Large pork frankfurter topped with home-smoked pulled pork, red cabbage slaw and homemade bbq sauce

Large beef frankfurter topped with homemade chunky beef chilli, shredded Red Leicester cheese, jalapeño relish and smashed nachos

Large beef frankfurter topped with homemade creamy mac and cheese with homemade bbq sauce and smashed nachos

Big Bob
Large natural pork frankfurter served in an artisan bun with sauteed onions, sauces and pickles

Jeff dog
Garlic and herb Pork sausage served in an artisan bun with sauteed onions, sauces and pickles

Slim Jim
Large beef frankfurter in an artisan bun with sautéed onions, sauces and pickles

kai leicester canteenKai

Chicken Curry
A flavourful homemade Punjabi curry served with a chaat on whole wheat flat bread. Garnished with raita and house pickle.

Chickpea and Vegetable Curry
A healthy curry made with traditional Punjabi flavours served with a chaat on  whole wheat flat bread. Garnished with raita and house pickle. (Veg – Vegan option without Raita)

A sweet potato and chickpea chaat topped with raita, tamarind chutney, house mint chutney and garnished sev (chickpea flour noodles). (Veg – Vegan options without Raita)

Pani Puri
A popular Indian street food snack. The crispy puri’s are stuffed with potatoes, onions and sev (chickpea flour noodles). Served with mint, coriander and green chilli water. (Vegan)

Lamb Special
A special Lamb dish created especially for Canteen to be unveiled soon!

homeboys street food leicesterHomeboys

Japanese Fried Chicken
Shichimi, lime, mayo

Pork Slider
Pork shoulder & rice croquette, homemade kimchi, Korean hot sauce, milk roll

Steak & Egg Rice Bowl
Grilled Korean skirt steak, onsen tamago, homemade kimchi, spring onion, cucumber, seasoned rice

grays leicester canteenGrays

The new, up and coming munchies menu showcased first at CANTEEN!
Pick three from the selection to create yourself a tapas style platter.

Lamb Tikka Bhajis
Served with a tamarind sauce

Tempura Cauliflower & Broccoli (VEG)
Served with a gruyere sauce

Sweet Tea Brined Turkey Leg
Served with a peach ketchup

Multi Grain Falafel (VEGAN)
With pomegranate molasses

Ham/Tomato/Smoked Cheddar Hush Puppies
Served with basil mayo

Battered Pink Pickled Chilli Eggs (VEG)
Served with buttermilk ranch

bournville waffle companyBournville Waffle Co

Shortbread biscuit crumb, whipped cream, chocolate buttons, chocolate sauce and salted caramel

Oreo Cheesecake
Oreo cheesecake cream, strawberries, crushed oreos and chocolate sauce

White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake
Raspberry cheesecake cream with white chocolate pieces and fresh raspberries

Orange Chocolate Fudge
Orange chocolate fudge, chocolate buttons, whipped cream and chocolate sauce

Coconut, marshmallows, chocolate buttons, whipped cream and chocolate sauce

Slices of Banana, whipped cream, salted caramel and dark chocolate

Hazelnut Meringue
Crushed Meringue, chocolate buttons, chopped hazelnuts, whipped cream, caramel and chocolate sauce

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