The heatwave is showing no signs of stopping and Canteen is back for a mid-summer special, what’s not to be happy about?

This month the trader line-up includes some old favourites and some brand new faces, so make sure you get down to LCB Depot (31 Rutland Street) on Friday 27 July from 4pm to soak up the sun, fun, food and booze.

Onto the menus…

Trader Menus

Wallace & Sons – British Street Food Award Finalist 2018

Wallace & son street food canteen bao
Credit: Marcus Cooks

Pork Bao
Slow Cooked Pork, Pickled Cucumber, Crispy Skin, Hoi Sin & Sriracha

Katsu Chicken Bao
Katsu Chicken Thigh, Pickled Shiitake, Wasabi Mayo

Salt Cod Bao
Fried Panko Salt Cod, Pickled Fennel, Gochujang Mayo

Cauliflower Bao (v)
Soy Braised Cauliflower, Tofu & Sesame Dressing, Pickles

Pork, Cod & Katsu Minibuns

Tonkatsu Pork Sando (Canteen Special)
Panko Pork Shoulder, Pollen Bakery Sourdough, Iceberg Lettuce, Kewpie Mayo


Buddha Belly – British Street Food Award Finalist 2018

buddha belly canteen

Slow-cooked Beef Massuman
Slow cooked tender beef, toasted spices and cracked black pepper. Served with jasmine rice

Spicy Chicken Panang
Chilli chicken and lime leaves – a spice lovers favourite! Served with jasmine rice

Thai Vegan Curry (ve)
All the veg! squash, broccoli, cauliflower, bamboo shoots and courgettes

Marinated Crispy Chicken (Canteen Special)
Chicken breast marinated in Thai herbs with a crispy batter served on vegetable noodles


Sonora Tacos

sonora tacos

Choose from Taco, Quesadilla or Burrito and fill with one of the following:

Pork Al Pastor
Seasoned pork collar marinated overnight on our signature Mexican rub with pineapple and lime juice.

Chicken Carnitas
Slow cooked confit chicken thighs steeped in butter, cloves, garlic and onion

Mole Chicken
Our Carnitas with our 2-day Mole sauce comprising of over 25 ingredients

Vegetable Al Pastor (v)
Chargrilled onions, peppers & sweetcorn with added roast potatoes and black beans sautéed in our Mexico rub and pineapple juice

Mexicorn (Canteen Special) (v)
Street-style corn mixed with Mexican herbs, spices, butter and lemon juice



parnstar Parmo leicester

King of The North
Parmo burger. Fried chicken fillet, béchamel sauce, Cheddar cheese & tangy slaw in a brioche bun

New Yorker
East coast style. Fried chicken fillet, slow-cooked tomato sauce & mozzarella in a brioche bun

Meat Free New Yorker (v)(ve)
Plant-based schnitzel, slow-cooked tomato sauce & cheese in a bun (vegan available)

Nacho Cob (Canteen Special)
Fried chicken fillet, homemade cheese whizz, chillies, tangy slaw & nachos in a brioche bun


Fat Snags

fat snags canteen

Handcrafted FATSNAGS Lashford’s Sausage dipped in Purity ale and infused with smokey bacon, in a Buttermilk and Sourdough Bun

Chicago (Canteen Special)
French’s American Mustard, Chopped White Onion, Green Relish, Fresh Vine Tomato, Pickle Spear, Hot Peppers, Celery Salt

BBQ Bacon
Homemade BBQ Sauce, Bacon Mayo, Toasted Onion

Mac N Cheese
Creamy Mac and Cheese, Toasted Onion

Heinz Ketchup, French’s American Mustard, Toasted Onion


Manila Munchies

manila street food

BBQ Pork Belly
Pork belly marinated for 24 hours, grilled to perfection and coated in our homemade sauce. Served with rice and macaroni salad

Chicken Adobo
Chicken fillets cooked traditionally with soy sauce. Served with rice and egg salad

Ginataan (v)(ve)
Butternut squash and string beans in thick coconut sauce served with rice


Shake Down – Crazy Freakshakes


Banoffee Shake
Banana shake, topped with whipped cream, slices of banana, salted caramel & chocolate buttons

Millionaires Shake
Caramel shake topped with whipped cream, shortbread crumb, chocolate buttons, chocolate sauce and salted caramel

Oreo Shake
Chocolate and Oreo shake topped with whipped cream, chocolate buttons, crushed Oreos & chocolate sauce

Strawberries and Cream Shake
Strawberry shake topped with whipped cream and strawberries

Honeycomb Shake
Caramel shake topped with whipped cream, honeycomb pieces, chocolate buttons and caramel sauce

Mint Aero Shake
Chocolate and Mint Aero shake topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and mint aero pieces


The Rest

canteen leicester

Bulldog Gin Spritz Bar
The front area of the LCB Depot will be turned into a Gin Spritz paradise with the Bulldog Gin Spritz Bar, perfect in this tropical weather.

1901 – Turkey Cafe

1901 Turkey Cafe have proved to be such a customer favourite that they are back once again to take control of the boutique bar!


As always, there’ll be plenty of tunes in store with our resident DJs – Fitz in the main atrium and Superfly DJs in the courtyard.

See you there!