We all know how great the food at Canteen is, but what about the drinks?

Taking control of the Boutique Bar this month is Tailgate who are launching their new monthly party in Leicester on the same night. They have enlisted The Urban Alchemist to bring forth some great Halloween themed cocktails and mocktails. Entering his twentieth year in the hospitality industry, the Urban Alchemist is most famously known for his work at Manhattan34 in its early days, as well being the Head Bartender in writing drinks-related content for Loaded Magazine. He also won the award for Fine Food and Drink at the Niche Magazine Independent Business Awards in 2015. During his recent tenure managing Delilah Leicester he was part of the team which picked up three awards for the Best Deli in the UK. We welcome Tailgate and Urban Alchemist to Canteen.

Canteen Cocktails:

Hendricks Gin and Tonic

Everyone’s favourite rose and cucumber infused tipple topped with its classic partner in crime.

Hendricks Gin Spritz: The Orange Edition

If you like your ghouls a little classy, this is the drink for you.


Trick or Treat

Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur, tempered with orange juice and pomegranate syrup, topped with a candyfloss crown.

Nightmare Before 1985

A modern take on the 80’s classic using Glenfiddich IPA Whisky, peach schnapps, orange and cranberry juice.

This drink is awesome!

Old Frankenstein

Hudson Rye Whiskey… plum bitters… homemade sugar syrup…

This is the nuts…

Minus the bolts…

Boo! Hoo!

A scary mix of Reyka Vodka, cranberry juice and apple juice, spun together with

plum bitters and a liquorice straw.

Drambuie Collins

This classic cocktail uses the Whisky based Liqueur, fresh lemon juice, homemade sugar syrup and kept in its cagewith soda.


My personal favourite post-scare drink.

A Calimocho, (red wine and coke)with the addition of Sailor Jerry Rum finished with an orange zest dazzle.

Canteen Mocktails:



Apple juice with a pinch of cinnamon syrup in a cauldron of apple juice.

(Add a little horror to the mix with Zubrowka Vokda for an additional£2)

Teen Wolf

Our very own hot chocolate

(Add a little horror to the mix from the followingoptions for an additional£2)

(Tia Maria or Sailor Jerry Rum)

(It’s not that scary really…)


Blood Donor

Pomegranate juice, fresh lime, fresh mint,fresh pomegranate topped with lemonade.

(Add a little horror to the mix from the followingoptions for an additional £2)

(Reyka Vodka, Zubrowka Vodka or Sailor Jerry Rum)

Canteen takes place on Friday 27 October from 5pm to 10pm at LCB Depot.