What’s one thing you can’t survive without on lockdown? I’d hazard a guess that good coffee is on a few people’s lists.

Good news then that 200 Degrees coffee currently have 50% off their coffee subscriptions!

In this week’s BID Spotlight we caught up with Matt from 200 Degrees about their top tips for brewing coffee at home and some of his particular favourites.

You’ve currently got discounts on your coffee subscriptions, how easy is it to recreate your favourite cup of coffee at home?

We have indeed and it couldn’t be easier, we’ve put together some simple online recipes and “how to” guides to make this easy. Most people have a cafetière at home but have no idea what to do with it, and so we’ve found this is by far the most popular as it’s so accessible with a few clear instructions. Get guidance when using a cafetière, V60, AeroPress or Espresso.

200 degrees coffee

What’s your personal favourite coffee?

I love our Brazilian Love Affair, it’s our house coffee and is a mix of three beans – utterly delicious, beautiful crema, and a bit of a kick to it. 

What’s best cup of coffee you’ve ever had?

I was visiting Finland and popped into an independent coffee shop there – blew me away. I then learnt they drink more coffee per person than anywhere in the world, so they’ve certainly had practice at getting it spot on. 

How can people still enjoy a 200 Degrees coffee during the Coronavirus lockdown?

Our stores are now closed in line with government guidance.  We’ve seen a big uptake in our “coffee at home” subscription service with a hugely positive outpouring from the customers who’ve joined us in the last couple of weeks.  We wanted to do our bit to help those in isolation, home working or just trying to relax at home so we reduced the price by 50% and give free delivery – so right now it’s £4 for a 250g of our coffee to your door (more if you want!) for the first three months. We’ve also got up to 10% discount on Sage espresso machines in our online store along with free coffee, reduced subscriptions and a voucher for a Masterclass (when we’re back to normal service!)

You can buy your coffee subscription from the 200 Degrees website, and make sure you know exactly how to make the most of their coffee beans by using their 7 top tips below.

200 degrees coffee 

Seven Top Tips for a Tasty Home Brew


A great cup of coffee can set your mood for the whole day and the first step to achieving brew perfection is to start with the coffee beans (remember to subscribe for 50% off). The fresher the beans, the better your brew will taste – unlike most foods with a use by date, coffee has a roast date to indicate the day in which the beans were roasted. Try to consume within 7-21 days of the date – the closer the date, the fresher the coffee.


To keep your coffee fresher for longer, it is essential that it is stored properly. Once opened, your beans will need to be stored well, ideally in an opaque, airtight container. A coffee bean’s four greatest foes are moisture, air, heat and light and these four factors will dramatically alter the condition of your beans.


Coffee begins to lose its flavour 30 minutes after being ground, so it is important to grind your beans just before brewing. Grinding your beans just before you brew can be the difference between a tasty cup of coffee and a bitter brew.

200 degrees coffee


Depending on your brewing method, your grind size will change. It is important to pay attention to the size of your grind to avoid pitfalls so if you grind your coffee beans too course then your coffee will result in a flat, weak cup. Grind them too fine and you will be left with an over extracted cup, making your coffee bitter. A manual hand mill will give you a consistent grind but will require a small amount of manual labour.


Making the best coffee at home is all about eliminating variables and the best way to do that is by measuring out how much coffee you are using per unit of water each time you brew. The general guideline – known as the ‘Golden Ratio’ suggests 15g of coffee to 240g of water for brewed coffee and 17g of coffee to 34g of water for espresso. Measuring will give you a better idea of your own preferences and allows you to adjust the ratio quickly to suit your taste. Self-brewers often try to create shortcuts by using less coffee and hotter water to extract more cups per pound, but this does not work, and you’ll only be tricking yourself when you’re left with a bitter brew.

200 degrees coffee


Depending on the type of brewing method and the equipment used, your brewing time may vary. The general rule of thumb is between 4-6 mins for the perfect cup. The longer contact between the water and the coffee, the more extraction is taking place. If you prefer a bitter flavour, brew your coffee for longer to release the intense flavours.


A bloom is when you pre-infuse your coffee grounds, this initial dowsing of near-boiling water (let your boiling water cool for 1 minute) removes trapped CO₂ from the roasting process, creating the bloom. This step also makes for a stronger brew when executed correctly. Skipping this all-important step will allow the CO₂ to repel water during the brewing process, making your brew weaker.

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