We all know how easy it is to suffer from the January blues. Whilst enduring the post-Christmas slump resolutions can be hard to stick to BUT LoyalFree is on hand to make it easier than ever to enjoy January and keep right on track with your goals.

In this week’s BID Spotlight we’re looking at 6 ways that using the app can help you stick to those all important resolutions, whichever yours may be. Plus read on for how to get your hands on a LoyalFree goodie bag, full of treats to keep you on track.


Save money
Of course, this is the main function of LoyalFree. You can find great deals and loyalty offers in the city, which is great if you overspent at Christmas but it also means you can start putting pennies aside for a big holiday or to treat for yourself. You’ll currently find 213 deals on the app from 130 local businesses.

Cut down on meat consumption
Yes, lots of people are taking part in Veganuary this month or have a new year’s resolution to cut down on their meat consumption. If you’re new to the vegan scene then you can follow the Vegan Leicester Trail on the app for loads of ideas on where to get your plant-based fix. Let us know which is your favourite! To find the trails simply click ‘Trails’ on the bottom menu when you’re in the app.

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Dry January
Cutting down on booze but don’t want to miss nights out? Of course you don’t! Follow the Dry January Trail and find the best non-alcoholic drinks in the city.

Be more active
Being active includes the mind as well as the body. Follow the Activities in Leicester Trail for some great ideas to keep mind and body working in Leicester. Great for rainy January weekends.

Be more ethical
Check out the Ethical, Sustainable Living Trail for ideas on those small swaps you can make to your daily life that can make a big difference to the planet. From sustainable beauty to ethical clothing and refillable groceries, its easier than ever to be more sustainable as a consumer and LoyalFree can help you start!

Help the community
The LoyalFree app has partnered with the Give Leicester initiative, meaning that for every loyalty stamp that is collected on the app the company will give 1p towards the One Roof Winter Night Shelter. This is helping people who are homeless in Leicester with emergency food, accommodation and support and the support is making a real different. Users don’t need to do anything differently, but now you can save money via the app whilst knowing you are making a difference to some of the city’s most vulnerable people.

give leicester

The LoyalFree app is free to download. If you’re interested in using the app in Leicester then download it now for free here: www.loyalfree.co.uk/download or by searching for ‘LoyalFree’ on the iOS and Android app stores.


Yes, to help kick start your year in the best way, LoyalFree are also giving away a Leicester gift selection. Prizes worth £40 include a vegan chocolate selection box, a 2020 diary, The Little Book of Mindfulness, a reusable coffee cup, reusable straws and a LoyalFree tote bag. All of which will help keep you on track with those all important resolutions.

You can enter now through the app and it will take you only one click to enter. Competition open until 31 January.


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