When thinking about Leicester’s finest cocktails, 33 Cank Street is right at the top of the list.

It’s now 6.5 years since they launched in St Martin’s Square and having re-opened post-lockdown they’re now working on a number of new menu creations as well as developments to improve the outside area for through the winter. We caught up with owner, Kal Ruparell, to find out more in this week’s BID Spotlight feature.

Kal has been working in hospitality in Leicester for over 17 years, and with a fantastic bar team on board of manager, Xander Driver, alongside Jack Chalk and Jack Wilkins, 33 Cank Street is committed to providing one of, if not the, most creative cocktail menu in the city.

33 Cank StreetCank Street Crusta – Coconut oil washed Courvoisier VS • Apricot brandy • Triple sec • Apricot jam

“Our Creative Menu is ever evolving. It’s hyper-seasonal with a big focus on readily available ingredients around us. Take today, we’ve just been to Leicester Market for a stack of raspberry punnets, which we’ll be using in a variety of ways across the menu.”

“Due to the seasonal nature of the drinks, and just because we’re always coming up with new ideas, our menu changes often. At any time we’ll have around 5 or 6 exciting drink creations on the menu, but that’s backed up at all times by our classics menu, which is one of the biggest in Leicester, if not the Midlands. If you have a favourite drink that you love, we’ll make sure we can mix it for you.”

With the new restrictions coming into force in the city it’s a difficult time for bars, managing both the curfew and rules around mixed household groups, but 33 Cank Street is implementing some new offers to make your visit as fun as possible.

“Firstly we’re launching a takeaway cocktail offering. This means that when the curfew comes at 10pm we’ll be able to serve you your favourite cocktails to takeaway with you and enjoy at home and keep your night going. We’ll also be doing takeaway beers and wines as well.”

33 Cank StreetMartini Our Way – Stolichnaya Elite Vodka • Cocchi Americano dry vermouth • Samphire pickle brine

If you ordered any home delivery cocktails from Batched during lockdown you’ll be well aware of how tasty those takeaway cocktails are!

“Following the launch of our takeaway service we are also taking steps to make our outdoor seating area winter friendly. We’re fortunate to have an outdoor space on St Martin’s Square and we have new heaters on order, as well as blankets and windbreakers, which we’ll be introducing in the coming weeks. We know that as winter comes and Christmas draws nearer people will want to socialise with their friends and we’re taking every step we can to make sure you can do that with us.”

With such a talented bar team, 33 Cank Street recently did a takeover down in Shoreditch as part of London Cocktail Week, and that’s where the current Creative Menu was first trialled.

“The menu was a big hit as part of London Cocktail Week and it’s been great to launch this back in Leicester. The team on the bar here at Cank Street are fantastic and we’re all so like-minded in our vision for the evolving menu. We like to think of it as a mix between dystopia with a little disco thrown in, Discopia, if you will!”

33 Cank StreeScotland Yard – Highland Park 12 year • Laprough 10 year • Lemon juice • Vanilla custard sugar syrup • Buckfast raspberry foam

For those who aren’t drinking, 33 Cank Street also has one of the most comprehensive non-alcoholic offers in the city.

“We use Seedlip and Lyres for a lot of our non-alcoholic drinks and can happily make most of our classic cocktails as a non-alcoholic version for you. We’re seeing such a rise in those who now choose not to drink but there’s really no need to miss out.”

33 Cank Street is open Friday – Sunday and you can book a table via their website bar33cankstreet.com

If you’re unable to get into the city centre you can also still order their fantastic cocktails for home delivery via batchedfresh.com.

33 Cank Street


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