Bath and beauty products are always a hit at Christmas and Leicester’s Lush store has a great range for you to choose from.

From bath products to hair care, and each item with a carefully considered design, you’ll be spoilt for choice at Lush. Their shop in Gallowtree Gate is always a must visit at Christmas and we caught up with the team at the store for this week’s BID Spotlight.

Tell us about some of the gift options that Lush has in store this Christmas?

This year LUSH has given careful consideration to ensuring that there are gifts for everyone, with every want and need. Of course we offer beautiful gift boxes containing both bath-time and skincare goodies, but this year we have also provided the opportunity for customers to curate their own gifts by filling our aluminum tins and our cardboard holders, which are especially fun for children as they can be turned into masks. We also have our beautiful knot-wraps which are comprised from ethically sourced materials. such as recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton from our re-wrap foundation in India.

What is it about Lush’s range that makes it so great for gifting?

LUSH’s range is so great for gifting because so much thought goes in to the design process of each individual item and gift. Some gifts have designed conceptualised by staff members from stores, others by independent graphic designers. Everyone along the chain of LUSH production is paid fairly and ingredients are sourced with the environment in mind, one example being our Fairtrade Columbian Cocoa Butter which is sourced from the Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado, who incorporate permaculture into their growing practices, discouraging disruption of the natural environment.

What are some of your favourite items you have in store?

Personally I really enjoy LUSH’s hair care range and think that it is fantastic for anyone whose New Year Resolution is to cut down on plastic and waste as we offer shampoo bars and conditioner bars too, as well as solid hair colour. We have gifts such as our “Splash” which contain shampoo bars and they are also available as individuals for £8. We have released a limited edition Snow Fairy Shampoo Bar this year which has been proving very popular. It contains Marshmallow Root Powder which is great for softening the hair and will of course perfume it with the Snow Fairy Scent. A few weeks ago we also launched a new range of hair products specifically for Afro Hair which are game-changing. They focus heavily around the Liquid-Oil-Cream Method which is fantastic for keeping Afro Hair healthy and protected.

Which are your most popular items at this time of year?

2020 has been quite the year for all of us; we are finding that there is understandably a large demand for more relaxing and de-stressing gifts. Our Sleepy range has been very popular. It contains a therapeutic blend of lavender and tonka and can be found in both gift sets, shower gels, body lotions, body sprays and shower bombs too! Lots of parents to young children describe how a small amount of the sleepy cream on the chest can also help send their little ones to sleep too.

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas in Leicester?

Personally I feel that the best things about Christmas in Leicester is the ambience and atmosphere. Even though events such as the Light Switch On have been postponed this year, everyone visiting the shop has been full of Christmas spirit and describing what they plan to do for Christmas and who they are on the hunt for a gift for. There has been lots of gift-giving for our key workers this year such as teachers, carers and NHS staff which has been amazing to see. Everyone has been really caring and considerate and there is lots of good will and best wishes both between customers and from customers to staff, with everyone wishing each other a Happy Christmas and New Year.

Lush Leicester is at 11 Gallowtree Gate and open daily for Christmas shopping. 

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