Are you a wine drinker or more of a spirit and mixer type? Leicester’s first ever Wine & Spirit Festival is happening in April and we caught up with the organisers to find out more about it in this week’s BID Spotlight feature.

Organised by the team at 23 Wine & Whiskey on Granby Street, the event takes place on Saturday 25 April at the Mercure Grand Hotel and tickets are on sale now.

This year sees the launch of the first Leicester Wine & Spirit Fest, what made you want want to create the event?

Being in retail we have observed that many of the people are only aware of selected brands and are unaware of the true extent of the range of  products which are of exceptional quality and available within wines and spirits categories. We want people to take this opportunity to explore, experience and enhance their palate.  

What can people expect from the event?

The event will feature a range of  spirits from all around the world including rums, gin, tequila, mezcal, vodka, brandy, liqueurs and many other wonderful things. It will also open the door to the wonderful world of wine.  Attendees will be able to explore a range of wines including fortified wines such as port, madeira, sherry and marsala alongside sparkling wines such as champagne & prosecco. There will be experts behind each stand to give you valuable knowledge and advice. 

Would you say the event is more geared towards wine or spirit drinkers?

This event is open to all adults. It is a unique opportunity to try something new, something that you might not have had the chance to have before or perhaps were hesitant to try. We want people to come out of their comfort zone and be adventurous. You will also be able to get insights and knowledge on each category of products as the stands will be manned by industry experts and brand ambassadors. We’ll have a good balance of products across all categories being showcased on the day to cater for everyone’s taste. 

What would you say is the single best wine you’ve ever drank?

That’s a tough question to answer as over the years we have drank some truly remarkable wines from all around the world and there are many I can think of. But I will go with a stunning South African red, Constitution Road, Shiraz by Robertson Winery. The wine is simply stunning. It is bold with perfect tannins. It’s rich in ripe dark fruit plums, with notes of dark chocolate, a bit of peppery spice and oaky.  A stunning full bodied wine. 

You also run 23 Wine & Whiskey, do you stock a lot of the higher end items that people will be able to discover at the show?

Yes, we do stock a lot of old, rare and premium small batch products across the categories. We are putting together a list of products that will be at the show and so far there are some exceptional tequilas, single cask rums, vintage ports, XO Cognacs and Champagne. 

What are some tips to be able to tell a good wine?

Taste is very subjective, so we try to gauge what our customers’ likes and dislikes are and based on that we make our recommendation. We strongly recommend to make notes while you are trying the wine, like the grape variety, the region, and the flavours as it will help build a profile of the wines you like. Most of the time we will have customers looking for wine with the name of the wine producer but do not remember the grape or vintage. The other most important thing is to ask the person in store for advice or suggestions based on your preference. We always like to interact with our customers so that we can suggest the best wine. 

Will people be able to take part in workshops and masterclasses at the event?

Yes, there will be short brand talks where attendees can take part in to learn in depth about the brand the details of this will be released nearer to the event date. 

Where can people find out more and buy tickets?

The tickets are available to purchase from Eventbrite and also can be purchased by visiting 23 Wine & Whiskey in town.

23 Wine & Whiskey is located at 23 Wine & Whiskey, 64 – 66 Granby Street, Leicester, LE1 1DH.


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