In a city that has such a high level of Indian cuisine, how do you set about doing something different? We asked Desi Street Food how they’ve managed to do just that.

After life brought Sukh and his wife from London up to Leicester they opened Desi Street Food on Pocklingtons Walk and the 100% vegetarian Indian street food concept has been a hit. They describe themselves as “an Indian cafe concept allowing you to experience the traditional street markets of India” and their daytime menu ranges from extensive breakfast options to naan wraps, salads, chaats, toasties, pavs and snacks.

Launching in the pandemic they’ve been heavily reliant on delivery customers, but now you can enjoy Desi Street Food from Dine in the Square or pop in when you’re in town. We caught up with Sukh for this week’s BID Spotlight to find out a little more.

desi street food leicester

What sets you apart from other food outlets in the city centre?

We aren’t trying to compete with Leicester’s traditional Indian restaurants. We offer something different. We’re all about quick snacks and tasty small bites. They’re perfect lunch options, as well as our traditional Indian breakfast menu. We also offer a lunch subscription service which has been popular with workers in town.

What is your favourite thing about where you’re based?

Being in the city centre it’s great to have both local businesses and also the students nearby. We’re lucky to be in the middle of a wide range of customers.

desi street food leicester

Which is your favourite dish on your menu?

That would have to be the Chilli Paneer Naan Wrap. It’s really filling and is bursting with lots of flavours.

What inspired the menu?

Lots of trips to Indian and to many different areas. I discovered what different tastes I enjoyed and have tried to bring a taste of each area to the menu at Desi Street Food.

You’re also available for delivery and also to Dine in the Square locations. How important is it for people to support activities like that in the city centre?

It’s really important. Dine in the Square is a great way to promote local businesses being open and it gives us a new platform to reach new customers. We’re also on Deliveroo, UberEats and Just Eat, which have been such a help through the lockdown.

desi street food leicester

Where can people find out more about you?

You can visit the website at and we’re also on Instagram @desisf_le1.


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