Bhangra-inspired fitness class, BhangraBlaze, gives participants a taste of Indian dance culture, combining traditional Bhangra routines with compound exercises. BhangraBlaze was founded in 2015 by Leicester resident Kirit Thakore and has quickly grown into a fitness trend on a national scale. Kirit is now returning to Leicester after touring the UK, to deliver a series of BhangraBlaze masterclasses.

Now, the Godfather of BhangraBlaze, the latest fitness craze sweeping the UK, is returning to his hometown of Leicester to host a series of masterclasses.

BhangraBlaze was first launched in Leicester in January 2015 by fitness instructor Kirit Thakore, and has quickly become a new fitness craze with classes being taught in London, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Bristol and Derby to name a few.

Founder Kirit has more than 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry, delivering sessions in martial arts, insanity, boxing, circuits, weights and high intensity interval training and he will be returning to Leicester to deliver a series of BhangraBlaze masterclasses every Monday and Thursday at 7-8pm at Uppingham Road Methodist Church, Leicester.

Kirit, who is from and resides in Leicester, was first inspired to create the routines for BhangraBlaze after seeing a video of Bhangra dancing on Facebook. After the initial success of the class, Kirit began teaching the discipline to fitness professionals and now has 27 instructors delivering BhangraBlaze classes across the UK.

Bhangra is a traditional folk dance from the Punjab region in India and danced to celebrate harvest time. The dance is often accompanied to the beat of an instrument known as the dhol, a traditional Indian drum.

BhangraBlaze uses simple Bhangra dance movements partnered with fast paced compound exercises including squats to traditional Bhangra music, in an hour long, calorie-burning session. Unlike other Bhangra classes BhangraBlaze is not a dance class but uses easy to follow ballistic movements, meaning that no prior dance experience is needed.

BhangraBlaze founder, Kirit Thakore, said,
When I started this journey it was really about seeing what other methods of fitness were out there. I remember when I first watched the Bhangra dance video, I was dismissive because I didn’t understand how the dance routines could be as efficient at burning calories as the workouts I was used to doing. I soon began to see just how effective Bhangra could be as a fitness class, and with a bit more practice and research I quickly began to pick up the moves myself.  I thought if I can do it with two left feet, so can my clients! It’s amazing to see how far BhangraBlaze has come and to think there are now trainers all over the country teaching it is just incredible. I’m really excited to be teaching back in my hometown of Leicester again, hopefully I will see some familiar and new faces!

For more information and to book classes please visit the BhangraBlaze website.