For those of you who, like us, are fascinated by the darker things in life, you’ll love the new event series about serial killers  that’s coming to The Cookie this spring. 

Funzing are bringing two events; How To Profile A Serial Killer and Why Do Serial Killers Kill, to The Cookie in March, and tickets are on sale now.

First up, on 5 March, they’ll be looking at How To Profile a Serial Killer. The event will be hosted by Dr. Glenn Wilson, who has experience in forensic psychology spanning many years and has been involved in many high profile cases, such as helping to convict the Brighton Strangler and Fred West’s wife Rosemary. The twisted mind and motives of serial killers like Jack the Ripper is of enduring fascination to the general public as well as professional psychologists. Often they are driven by an escalating need to play out sadistic sexual fantasies, in which the suffering of their victim is a central component. Dr Wilson applies his experience as a criminal psychologist to an analysis of what profiling can achieve and where it can go wrong.

Tickets are priced at £12 and are on sale now.

Next up, on 31 March they’ll be looking at Why Do Serial Killers Kill? Dr David Holmes will be looking what psychological differences there are between a murderer and a normal person? Are Serial Killers made or born that way? And ultimately, what drives people to kill. Expect a probing, fascinating talk – where you’ll explore exactly what makes a serial killer tick.

Tickets are priced at £14 and are on sale now.

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