You’ve all seen it on TV, the players gathering in the tunnel, Claudio ringing his bell in the press conference, the referee grabbing the match ball as he emerges onto the pitch, but what’s it really like behind the scenes at the King Power Stadium?

For most of us the closest we can get is by booking on to one of the official stadium tours run by the club. So if you’ve ever wanted to sit in Jamie Vardy’s dressing room seat, or even have a sniff of the bath that Danny Drinkwater uses (don’t judge), then this is the way to do it. The club’s tour team are complete experts in the history of Leicester City and their knowledge of the stadium is fantastic. John and Mohammed provide wonderful insight into the behind the scenes secrets and make it a day to remember for both adults and children alike.

So off I went, joined by 2 very able assistants, to experience one of the stadium tours and find out exactly what’s in store. Fancy experiencing it for yourself? Tours can be booked from LCFC Direct and the prices are remarkably reasonable at just £14 for adults and £7 for children.

If you’re lucky you might spot one of the squad’s i8s. This was Marcin Wasilewski’s that he left in the car park.


Starting in the Reception it’s time to learn all about the club’s history.
Remember, some of the little ones on this tour never knew life before the King Power Stadium. Lots to learn!


Ever fancied your own Executive Box? One of these will only set you back £25,000/season.


One of the tour highlights has to be the moment you get your first glimpse of the empty King Power Stadium.


Obviously there’s time to pose for all the photos.


And to enjoy the view!


Moving onto the room made famous by Claudio’s Dilly Ding Dilly Dong. The bell’s gone but you can take in the experience of a press conference as if you’re an international journalist.


Or you can pose with a Jamie Vardy mask (given out on the tour).


Next up it’s time to experience the stadium like the match officials and head to the Referee’s room. You can make a substitution or announce the added time.


We took off Ahmed Musa for Marc Albrighton.


Using the referee’s toilet isn’t recommended though. Robbie Savage got fined £10,000 for that, remember!


Now into the heart of the action, the dressing rooms! The Away Team room has a pillar right in the middle, which we learn has absolutely no structural purpose whatsoever. It’s purely to put a barrier in the room to upset the manager’s team talks.


Of course there’s time to pose and pretend you’re Wes Morgan and Danny Drinkwater.


Or Robert Huth and Shinji Okazaki.


Now we’re talking! Nothing quite compares to making your way into the Home Team dressing room.


Any city fan will love the experience of being in here. Learn about the players’ pre match routine, how the shirts are laid out and why the lighting’s so low.


Time to soak up the player experience.


And sit in Jamie Vardy’s seat.


You didn’t really think we wouldn’t get into the bath, did you?


Yes. The enormous bath.


And the showers. There’s no part of this dressing room that’s being left out of the tour!


Take some time to have a look at the signs on the wall too. These are the matchday timings you never usually get to see.


Foxes Never Quit. The famous words that stand out above you as you’re about to make your way down the tunnel on to the pitch.


Before every match you’ll see the referee grab the match ball as he enters the pitch. Now’s your chance.


No touching though. Those balls cost £100 a go and the stand costs a few grand!


There’s only one thing you want to do once you’re out on the pitch though.


Sit in the dugout!


Fancy yourself as Craig Shakespeare’s assistant. Time to get some practice in.


And sneak in some last pitchside photos before the tour’s over!


The perfect day out for any city fan. So grab some friends or some family and go and make some memories!

Tours run throughout the year and you can book your tickets now at LCFC Direct.


With thanks to the LCFC marketing and tour teams for arranging our visit.