BID Spotlight: Art supplies, framing and family history with Gadsby’s

Gadsby’s has been part of Leicester shopping for over 120 years.

Supplying artist materials, picture framing and gifting we caught up with them for this week’s BID Spotlight

How would you describe Gadsby’s for someone who’s never visited?

We’re a specialist retailer for artist materials as well as offering picture framing and restorations.

What makes Gadsby’s unique in Leicester?

We’re a family run business and we’ve been around since 1898! We offer a unique service for both professional and amateur artists in the city and we’re one of the few businesses offering picture framing and restorations. We can restore paintings, frames and also china.

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How have things changed since you’ve been involved in the business?

The rise in online shopping has obviously had such a big effect on all retail businesses. That and the changes to driving into town and parking has really impacted us. It used to be so much easier for people to drive in and shop, but with our location close to the market that’s now a lot more limited.

With Gadsby’s having such a long history and being a family business, tell us how you got involved?

It’s great with it being a family business, I always wanted to work in it. I left school and studied at De Montfort University on my day off and at night, and it’s now been 25 years since I took over.

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What’s your favourite thing about Gadsby’s

I think the fact it’s a family business is the biggest thing for me. There’s such a great pool of knowledge and experience to draw on.

What do you think of Leicester’s creative scene?

It’s very vibrant. We always get lots of students and keen artists coming in, which is great to see!

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Tell us some of the Christmas gifts you have in store?

We have perfect gifts for any aspiring or professional artists, as well as a range of giftware on the first floor. For those who are crafty we have all the materials to make your own cards. Our framing service is also brilliant for Christmas, whether it’s framing a special photo or even framing a football shirt.

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You’ll find Gadsby’s at 22 Market Place in the city centre. You can also visit their website.



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