How many people have bought a Kinder Surprise in the run up to Easter? One Leicestershire mum has launched a lovely eco-friendly alternative.

Having been overwhelmed with plastic, particularly of the ‘surprise toy’ variety, Rachael Madison soon realised that with a magazine toy here, and a few surprise eggs there, it all soon adds up to a huge pile of plastic  But children certainly do love those surprise toys, and that’s how EcoSurprise toys were born.

quirky earth toys

Quirky Earth launched the sustainable range of EcoSurprise toys in the midst of the pandemic, and they make a wonderful alternative surprise toy.

The wooden toys come in five different themed varieties including Birds, Safari, Lost World, Forest and Farm. Choose which theme you’d like, or choose lucky dip, and see which wooden animal is inside your box.

You can delight in seeing which friend your little one discovers inside their EcoSurprise. Collect the entire range and build your very own enchanted forest or farm for hours of imaginative play.  They’re also ideal for plastic free party bag treats or story sacks.

quirky earth toys

Rachael lives in Clarendon Park and says she was inspired to start the range through her love of nature, her past studies and the effects of being a new mum, when she soon realised she was drawn to organic, natural, non-toxic everything.

“I travelled and studied ecology at University and went on to do a PhD in molecular biology.  When I became a Mum, all of the toys available seemed to be single use plastic that built up all around the house. With my daughter at my side, I created EcoSurprise which offers another option, that is economically friendly, collectible wooden toys that can be passed on rather than thrown away.” 

quirky earth toys

EcoSurprise toys are priced at £5.49 each with larger packs also available. Buy online from the Quirky Earth website.