As festival season rolls around again we’re getting our camping gear ready, our summer clothes out and the dreaded waterproofs on standby. But what about the tradition of having a summer’s worth of wristbands on each wrist – shouting loud and proud about which events you’ve partied at? We’re now seeing the end of paper tickets and even fabric wristbands for festival entries, as switching to mobile contactless and RFID options are preferred by many events. In fact a new study by an online label company revealed that millennials are not only leaning more towards these new technologies but that nearly 50% of them are championing these advancements.

Just as music styles change and adapt, so does technology. The whole festival experience is changing, from ticketless entry, to contactless payment options, all-round they offer a more enhanced user experience. Planning and logistics mean there are new ways to enjoy music festivals and technology is still absolutely on the rise.

A recent survey carried out by an online label company Data Label looked into what festival goers preferred method was when making purchases at festivals and which ideal form of entry they’d prefer.

Which method of entry and payment would you prefer to use at festivals?

RFID wristbands

So what is RFID? RFID enabled devices are programmed to bring quick recognition once scanned, enabling faster entries for people and reducing the number of fake tickets at festivals. Contactless payments are so popular in general these days that they have now expanded to festivals. These also enable fast transactions with bank cards or smart cards, as well as mobile phones and smart watches with this option activated.

So just want else is advancing technology wise for the festival market?

Among the latest advancement here are the top 5:

  1. Holographic concerts – Performances from past stars such as Michael Jackson have been reborn on stage for fans.
  2. Virtual tours – A simulated festival experience which gives people the opportunity to experience behind the scenes and areas where no one gets to go to.
  3. Meet and greet – Some festivals offer a simple touch of one another’s wristband to stay in touch together, via Facebook or other social media.
  4. Doppler Labs Here Active Listening – These customise what the wearer can hear at the concert, such as reducing chatter around them to amplifying bass of a set.
  5. Power Banks swaps – These allow people to keep their devices powered, just use a power bank and when it runs out swap it for a full one. EE are spearheading this which allows people to keep sharing on social media and still use contactless on their devices.

Philip Carlyn, Managing Director at Data Label, commented:

It’s great to be involved in a time where we have these latest developments in our hands. The RFID chips are environmentally friendly and provide faster entries for people. Security has been better established with some festivals ensuring ticket holders must provide a photo to be identified on the day of entry meaning their band is connected to them; this way re-selling issues can’t occur”.

He continued:

The virtual reality experience seems really intriguing, giving the fact you can experience festivals in your home comfort and to take a peek at behind the scenes.

Have you been to a festival with an RFID wristband? Do you prefer the old school ticketing method? Join in the chat over on Twitter.