A few years ago, whilst working in PR in Leicester, it became apparent there wasn’t a whole lot of information available about what’s happening in the city. And that’s where the idea for Cool As Leicester was born.

A while later down the pub I declared,  “I think I’m going to start something called Cool As Leicester”, and the very next morning my friend sent me a drawing of a fox wearing sunglasses, “How about this for your logo?” And that’s how this all started!

We’re now Leicestershire’s largest online magazine, home to Leicestershire’s only music guide (out every Tuesday sponsored by PPL PRS), and home to Leicestershire’s only weekly leisure e-news (out to subscribers every Thursday).

Entertainment • Events • Family • Food & Drink • Music • Sport • Travel

How do we decide what to cover? Well, if I didn’t run Cool As Leicester myself I want it to be something that I would choose to read. Tips on where to eat, where to drink, exciting events, hidden gems and fun news and stories.

Thank you to everyone who continues to follow the website, newsletter and social accounts. Leicester’s a brilliant city if you get out there and explore it!

The next time someone tells you that “nothing happens in Leicester”, tell them to give us a follow!

“Thank you for keeping us up to date with everything that happens in Leicester. It’s the only place I find things out!”