We’re big supporters of our local Leicestershire producers so we were delighted to hear about a new brand of cider from Melton Mowbray.

Cidentro produce a unique cider from English cider apples, sold in 75cl bottles and intended for drinking in a similar way to wine. Their products include still and rose cider and they’re currently offering free delivery on all orders.

With the weeks ahead at home and the weather brightening it’s the perfect time to support a new local brand and enjoy a taste of Melton cider. We caught up with Director, Hiranthi, to find out more.

cidentro cider

Tell us a little about Cidentro and how you got started?

It’s 7 years since my husband Matthew, our son Sebastian and I left Hertfordshire and moved to our farm near Melton Mowbray. I was a Civil Engineer back then and had been for over 20 years but in 2017 something made me stop in my tracks and realise I should follow my dream of having my own business, I just needed to be brave and take the first steps. A family interest in cider making led to us planting an orchard of 540 cider apple trees on our farm and that’s really how Cidentro got started. Many of us don’t have the opportunity to change careers and so I feel extremely lucky that I have been able to do so.

In terms of our branding we wanted to do something different and our top hat full of apples logo is a nod to the Wassail incantation “….hats full, caps full, three bushel bags full’. It also takes around 14 apples to make one of our bottles of cider, so quite literally, ‘from a hat full of apples comes a cider to celebrate’.

How would you describe the taste of your ciders?

Pure and natural. That’s because they’re all made with 100% freshly pressed juice and matured for at least 6 months to let their inherent flavours come through. We have 3 different ciders – a still , a lightly sparkling and a rosé cider, so something for everyone. They’re all in 75cl bottles too so an alternative to wine perhaps.

cidentro cider

Which is your favourite of your products?

Well of course I like them all, but I’m going to say a personal favourite is the Rosé Cider, maybe because it’s been the most exciting and challenging to produce. It’s a unique blend of English cider and English Pinot Noir wine. We sourced the wine from one of Herefordshire’s most highly regarded winemakers and then created our secret rosé recipe! 

What are some of your other favourite ciders that inspired you to start?

We’ve been inspired by tradition and reading how in the 17th Century English Cider was such a distinguished drink. Now we’re aiming to bring a modern approach to cider for enjoyment in the same way as wine. I think Matthew and I have tried just about every cider we could find to buy and are always keen to try new ones too and some are really excellent. Our favourites are those made with 100% juice which are generally those made by small independent cider producers. The majority of supermarkets sell ciders that only contain the minimum required juice quantity by Law, which here in the UK is only 35%. Many people don’t realise that they’re only getting 35% juice in their ciders, so that’s why companies like us using 100% juice put it on our labels and let our customers know.

cidentro cider

What’s the plan for Cidentro over the next 12 months?

In the current situation with Covid-19 and the world in lockdown, it’s really hard to say what will happen over the next year. But we hope to be able to continue looking after our orchard and releasing our next vintage of Cidentro ciders when we can. If it means the ciders are matured for longer due to these unprecedented times, then that’s what it will be. Some say the longer the maturing the better the taste, just like cheese and wine.

Who are some of your other local producers in Leicestershire?

We have some incredible local producers in Leicestershire & Rutland with award-winning produce like Long Clawson Stilton Cheese, Hambleton Breads and of course the world famous Melton Mowbray Pork Pie made by Dickinson & Morris amongst others in the region. Then we have superb local dairy, cattle, agricultural and other livestock farmers and farm shops also with a huge range of incredible local produce. They are all an inspiration to us and having this provenance is also part of Cidentro’s story. We wanted to create a high-quality, local cider to match the amazing produce we have in Leicestershire.

cidentro cider

Where can people find out more and buy online?

You can find out more about our story, our orchards, our 7 different apple varieties and buy our ciders online by visiting our website www.cidentro.co.uk. We are currently offering free delivery to help people that are self-isolating and we hope to be stocked in local shops soon.

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Don’t forget Cidentro are currently offering free delivery on online orders, so stock up for Easter and beyond.