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As the first of 28 new themed woodland lodges arrived at Warwick Castle’s Knight’s Village this week, no less than St George, a historical VIP, checked in to get a ‘good knight’s sleep’ ahead of the weekend’s celebrations on April 23.

Warwick Castle invited England’s Patron Saint to sample some of the inclusive activities that guests will enjoy during their stay in the Knight’s Village, following its opening in July.

After checking in to the timber framed woodland lodge, which sleeps up to five guests in two bedrooms, St George enjoyed an evening of intensive sword-combat and longbow training at the Knight’s Training School and Have-a-go-archery sessions.

22/04/16 George practises sword fighting with another knight. Celebrate Like St George with a 'Good Knight's Sleepí Have you ever wondered what St George did in the few hours before he ventured forth to slay the dragon? Well, the team at Warwick Castle have come up with a tongue-in-cheek look at how he may have prepared for his big day. Staying in one of the Castle's new Knightís Village lodges, the valiant St George would probably have started by getting an undisturbed and comfortable 'knight's sleep', perhaps with the help of a wee nightcap to calm his nerves. And, of course, he would need to squeeze in some essential night-time reading, tooÖwith his favourite book, ìHow to Train Your Dragonî. In the morning, he would no doubt have pampered himself in a luxury bathroom, quickly fitted in his daily yoga and enjoyed a slap-up breakfast before ironing his chain mail, polishing his armour and practicing his sword-fighting and equestrian skills, before downing a pint and charging off on horse-back to slay the dragon. All that and still be home in time for tea and hot cross buns. No wonder he needed that 'Good Knightís Sleep'! Guests enjoying a similar sleepover in the new themed lodges can enjoy a riverside setting within Warwick Castlesí grounds and entry to the Castle and its attractions, together with action-packed evenings filled with free entertainment: have-a-go archery, learning jester skills, and knight school. Further information is available online at www.warwick-castle.com/sleepovers Bookings are now being taken for stays from Friday, July 1. Rights Reserved: F Stop Press Ltd. +44(0)1335 418365 www.fstoppress.com.
Run by Warwick Castle’s resident Knight and trained mediaeval archer, the sessions are designed to prepare budding heroes, young and old, for battle; or to at least build up an appetite ready for the evening’s Mediaeval Banquet.

Taking place in the banqueting hall, a buffet-style feast is served over interactive mediaeval themed entertainment, provided by the Red and Blue knights as they go head to head in a live battle.

Like St George, guests can relax and unwind before bed by learning cheerful Jester skills or listening to character-led tales of the brave Knights of Warwick, including Guy of Warwick; the famous mythical knight who fought for love and honour. Designed for younger Knights & Princesses, the storytelling sessions are guaranteed to induce sweet dreams.

After enjoying the ‘knight’s entertainment’, St George snuggled down in his woodland lodge, for an undisturbed and comfortable sleep, safe and sound within the grounds of Warwick Castle.

Those wishing to follow in St George’s footsteps can enjoy a similar sleepover, with evening entertainment, in the new themed lodges from Friday, July 1.

A two-bedroom Woodland Lodge, which sleeps five, starts from £203 per lodge per night, including two days’ entry to the Castle and its attractions, continental or cooked breakfast and action-packed evenings filled with free entertainment: have-a-go archery, jester skills, knight school and storytelling.

The Mediaeval Banquet costs £18.95 per adult and £9.95 per child.

Further information is available online at www.warwick-castle.com/sleepovers.  Book now to secure KIDS GO FREE offer, available for a limited time only.