Getting out on the open road on your bike is great. There is no better feeling but remember you need to protect yourself as out there on two wheels you are vulnerable. Don’t underestimate the importance of a good pair of boots. We have out together a list of some of the boots that will help protect you against the elements and keep you safe all while looking great!

Have a look at some of the Foot Locker options. Their Timberland Radfords are not only ideal but also affordable with this Foot Locker discount code. These evergreen boots are known for their durability and wearability. Waterproof suede and a non-slip sole make them perfect for riding in UK weather as you never know when it will rain. The reinforced heel area and padded ankles will keep your feet safe.

The Timberland Field Trekker boots are another favourite that are guaranteed to keep your feet dry and protected not just against the elements. These are perfect for when you are on and off the bike. These suit those of you that are looking for adventure.

Insurance advice from Reliance General Insurance warns of the dangers of shoddy footwear or the wrong kind when on a bike. It may be tempting to throw caution to the wind, literally and in good weather wear lighter shoes. This could prove to be a grave error. The safety gear for bikes is not just for aesthetics, it is imperative. A significantly higher amount of injuries occur when people are not wearing the right kind of boots.

While wearing boots your feet are not exposed and are less vulnerable. While on a bike you are at risk of the bike or another vehicle rolling over your toes. Remember that you control the bike with your feet as well as your hands so they need to be strong and supported. They also offer traction for stopping the bike as they give you a good grip if you must be on the ground and they protect from the elements both hot and cold.

They also look great too and certain types like a classic pair of Bikkimbergs will look just as good with a summer dress and leather jacket as they do with your jeans or leathers. Their Women’s biker boots in oiled leather will not only protect you but look amazing doing so. This will make a novice look professional and the class prefect look like she spent her days in detention.

The Cosmo 2.0 Tall Biker boots from Vagabond are made of the softest of leather with padded biker effect detailing. Their rubber sole is just the ticket for creating traction on the road.

Belstaff have been creating motorcycle clothing for over a century now. Although they have gone mainstream their clothing and boots are about more than just fashion. They have created a Pure Motorcycle Collection which is what every biker needs to have in their wardrobe.

The Belstaff Duration Pull Up Leather Boot is not just pretty to look at. They were designed to be worked and put to the test. The outer layer is water repellent leather and they have a Vibram rubber sole, solid yet perfect for gripping the tarmac and comfortable enough to walk in.

Motorcycle boots are a part of mainstream culture now but contrary to popular opinion they are not just there to make you look like James Dean in a Rebel Without a Cause. They are extremely important when it comes to riding your bike. Remember your feet do most of the work so make sure your boots are up to the job!