The new season is about to start, so amidst the excitement we got our resident Tigers nut to come up with his top 10 signs you’re a die hard Tigers supporter! How do you match up?


  • You still pick your greatest ever Tigers XV using letters, including the anomaly where G equates to number 8 and H equates to number 7, and bemoan the day that we were ever forced to wear numbers.

tigers letters

  • You have listened to live commentary of a game on BBC Radio Leicester yet still been nonethewiser as to what’s actually happened as seemingly Bleddyn Jones didn’t know either.


  • You still miss the dulcet Welsh tones of Tudor Thomas working the PA at Welford Road and his charming attempts at pronouncing long complicated Samoan names: “The try was scored by… oh bloody hell…

tigers stadium

  • You are still convinced that the penalty try Steve Lander awarded Bath at Twickenham back in 1996 was an act of robbery. You are even prepared to believe that Neil Back thought he was pushing over Andy Robinson rather than the hapless Merseyside official that day.


  • The three stands are the Crumbie Stand, the Members Stand and the Alliance & Leicester stand. No new sponsorship or new builds will shift your mindset on this.


  • You were one of 20,000 proud Tigers who made the pilgrimage over the Channel to see our first Heineken Cup win in 2001, amidst the scandalously high price of Parisian beer.


  • You have convinced supporters of other clubs that the “Hand of Back” was a work of genius, rather than outright unashamed cheating. You respond to allegations of Leicester cheating with “yes, but we do it so well!” You have probably had the allegation of being “one-eyed” thrown at you too.


  • You went out for a meal at Timo on the back of it being owned by Castro and Geordan.


  • You have genuinely lost count of the times you have seen Tigers at Twickenham, and you have bought Premiership Final tickets early in the season on the off chance we make it.


  • You have ever glared at a visiting supporter for breaking the “silence during kicks”rule



All words by Iain Morton.

What else makes you a true Tigers fan? Tell us in the comments section or on Twitter @coolasleicester.